About Us

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Hanner Computer Services is proud to be the leading authority on computer repairs in Asheboro, NC. Not only are we your trusted destination when something goes wrong, we’re also here for your everyday computing needs. Whether you’re cleaning up and restoring data after a messy virus or you’re upgrading your hardware and software, our talented experts are ready to help.

Our business was founded in 1995, and ever since then we’ve remained at the forefront of computing. Because we’ve been working with computers throughout the evolution of hardware and software, we’ve become one of the most respected computer service businesses in the area.

Complete Computer Repairs

Our focus on desktop and laptop repair in Asheboro, NC is encompassing—there’s nothing that we can’t diagnose and repair properly. In fact, we’ve got an entire shop’s worth of parts, components, software and more at our disposal, backed by unparalleled expertise and experience. Our people are some of the best in the business. Our senior technicians have over 25 years’ experience and hold a variety of professional certifications.

Business Services

We specialize primarily in serving small business customers. We sell computers, parts, peripherals, computer networks and software, all oriented towards business and commerce. Our shop also repairs and upgrades most major computer brands and workstations, to give your business full computation capabilities.

We specialize in helping clients utilize existing technology to become more productive, and can provide you with a solution at a competitive price. And, of course, everything we do is backed by outstanding service and support. Just contact us for help or advice with your next technology purchase.

Excellence in Computing

Whether you need a custom PC built to meet your specifications or are in need of automated data recovery services Asheboro, NC, Hanner Computer Services is ready to help. contact us today by calling (336) 629-7799 for more information about our capabilities or to inquire about a specific problem you’re having.