Computer Services in Asheboro, NC

For most of us, computers are central to our everyday lives. We use them for work, at home and on-the-go, computing for a wide range of different reasons. Ensuring your computer is always running smoothly and securely is paramount, no matter what you’re doing.

At Hanner Computer Services, we’re here to make sure the function of your computer is never in question. We’re more than happy to provide our customers with the computer repair services in Asheboro, NC they need, including:

PC service & Repair

Whatever your computer needs to run smoothly, we’re prepared to offer it. Come to us for operating system updates, system maintenance tasks and physical hardware upgrades. We can determine the condition of your laptops or desktops, providing insight into what’s needed to keep them running effectively. We specialize in remote administration and support of computer networks, and provide this service to many of our clients

Computer Virus Removal

Viruses can come from a wide range of places—malicious websites, scam emails and even seemingly-innocent programs. Once they’ve infected your computer, it takes a thorough and complete sweep to remove them for good. We’re experts in computer virus removal in Asheboro, NC, giving you complete peace of mind that your machine is free from malicious software.

Data Recovery & Backup

Backing up your data is always a smart idea and can prove useful when migrating machines or restoring after a catastrophic failure. Let our team ensure your data is backed up properly and securely in regular intervals. We utilize Nordic Backup—a fully automatic process—so you no longer need to worry about your day-to-day backup requirements.

Software Installation & Troubleshooting

Have a program that’s not working correctly? Let us troubleshoot it for you! Or, if you’re making the update to a completely new system, allow us to facilitate flawless program installation. We provide help installing or upgrading software for dental facilities, doctor’s offices, manufacturing facilities and many other commercial clients.

Custom Built Computers & Networks

More than just a computer repair shop in Asheboro, NC, we’re also your destination for a custom-built machine. We work on servers, workstations, laptops and most other PCs and related hardware, to create a customize computing or network solution for you and your business.

For more information about any of the services we offer or to inquire about our capabilities as they apply to you, please contact us today by calling (336) 629-7799 for Asheboro location.